Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Prison Blues Brand Clothing?
To locate an authorized Prison Blues reseller, visit our Reseller Map and zoom in on a location near you. Directions to the stores and images of the storefronts and displays can be found as well. If there isn't a reseller near where you shop, check out our online reseller list, or visit or for some of the items sold by authorized resellers.

Who can shop on this website?
Prison Blues Brand Clothing offers our products to approved Prison Blues resellers who bring our workwear and accessories to market. This website offers the Prison Blues World a view of the full range of product offerings Prison Blues resellers can choose to carry. Only resellers are able to purchase from this site, but if you see something you want to have, be sure to let your local reseller know, as they can start carrying that item and/or order it for you.

How do I become a Prison Blues reseller?
Visit our How to Become a Reseller page and submit your paperwork for approval and you too could soon become one of the great locations bringing Prison Blues Brand Clothing to the world.