About Us

The Prison Blues® Story
From clothing to accessories, you know when you purchase Prison Blues® from any of our resellers located around the globe, you get a high quality, durable product. You are also investing in people. Your purchase helps us change lives, one opportunity at a time.

In 1989, the State of Oregon was challenged to create work skills programs for adults in custody at the Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution (EOCI). After extensive research, it was determined that a garment factory would provide ample work and training opportunities in a real-world manufacturing environment. A 47,000 square foot factory was constructed, and the OCE Prison Blues® factory began operation. In 2023, the program expanded to Coffee Creek Correctional Facility (CCCF) for the production of Prison Blues® accessories.

Adults in custody (AICs) seeking to participate in the two Prison Blues® programs navigate a detailed selection process which mirrors recruitment processes in both public and private sectors. Upon assignment, they are trained and coached by managers with private industry experience. The technical and soft skills learned through these work and training programs help AICs prepare for successful reentry into our communities. Our reentry program helps match AICs with private sector employers who are looking for skilled individuals to add to their teams, just one more reason those who participate in our programs are 30% less likely to return to prison.

Prison Blues® – Helping Our Communities
Prison Blues® helps our communities in many ways. Our efficient cutting layouts reduce the amount of falloff resulting from the production process. What falloff we do create is used to produce the Prison Blues® Accessories line. This ensures minimal wasted material making its way to our landfills.

The Prison Blues® program, through OCE, donates product to use in fundraising for local community events. We have also donated denim grocery bags (made from falloff material) to the local food bank to use as an alternative to plastic and paper bags. Prison Blues® products also make their way into the annual OCE Governor's Food Drive auction.

Prison Blues® - Core Values
As a component of OCE, Prison Blues® operates under the same core values. Our incredible employees strive to install these values in those enrolled in our program.


We value human dignity, diversity and individual contributions, while encouraging career and personal growth.

We strive for constant improvement, ensuring customer satisfaction, superior performance, and sustainable growth.

We hold ourselves and each other responsible for our decisions and actions, fostering a productive, safe and healthy work environment.

We seek to develop creative and efficient methods to advance our products and services while reducing costs to government and our impact on the environment.

We are individually and collectively accountable to be honest, fair and ethical in all our decisions and service to our customers, partners, adults in custody, and each other.

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